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Fancy cycling around a particle accelerator?

One of the platforms of the Passport to the Big Bang cycle route. (Image: CERN)

Make the most of the sunny days and set out to discover a giant of science, the Large Hadron Collider, or LHC. The LHC is the world’s largest particle accelerator. Its 27 km ring is situated a hundred metres below the Franco-Genevan countryside.

The Passport to the Big Bang is a 54 km cycle route that circles the LHC ring at ground level. At each stage, you’ll learn about an aspect of the LHC thanks to an interactive platform. The rides between two stops are 4 km long on average, but there’s no need to cover the entire route in one day: take your time to solve its riddles and find the codes to restart the accelerator.

Before setting off on your adventure, get your Passport to the Big Bang, a booklet containing information, a map and the riddles you need to solve at each stage. The passport is available in tourist offices and town halls in the Pays de Gex and the Canton of Geneva, as well as Genève Roule (Montbrillant, Terrassière) and Meyrin Roule shops, Pro Vélo Genève, and CERN Reception. It can also be downloaded from the official Passport to the Big Bang website: http://cern.ch/passeport-big-bang.

The Passport to the Big Bang is a free activity for the whole family. No booking is needed and the platforms are freely accessible to the public all year round. So get out your bike and begin your adventure!

Share your photos and videos on social media with #PasseportBigBang and mention @CERN.

(Video: CERN)