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The next generation of INSPIRE is here!

A year after releasing the INSPIRE beta version, the new, upgraded and feature-packed INSPIRE platform has officially been released

INSPIRE is an information platform for the High-Energy Physics community, where researchers share and find accurate scholarly information on high-energy physics. The platform is led by a collaboration between CERN, DESY, Fermilab, IHEP, IN2P3 and SLAC, with the software development for the new platform done at CERN. All of the partners contribute to metadata curation and daily operations in a coordinated effort.

The next generation of INSPIRE was launched on 30 March. The new platform was fully redesigned based on cutting-edge technology. Some of the new features include intuitive search, easy filtering and interactive citation statistics. It is a big milestone for CERN and the INSPIRE collaboration partners, for the benefit of the global High-Energy Physics community.

Built on top of modern and reliable software architecture, the new INSPIRE brings with it the best of the existing INSPIRE’s features while introducing new ones. The High-Energy Physics community’s feedback has always been part of shaping and improving INSPIRE; by launching the new INSPIRE to the community we hope to enable an ever closer connection, which will help us to deliver and maintain a continuously improving INSPIRE platform based on users’ needs.

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