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Relive 2021 at CERN

Highlights of the year at CERN, from exciting particle physics results to accelerator milestones and much more


With LHC’s Run 3 around the corner, it has been a year of milestones at CERN! Accelerators saw their first beams circulating and experiments went through significant transformations to increase their detection potential.  

Among physics results, the discovery of the odderon by the TOTEM and DØ collaborations, the first laser-cooling of antimatter at ALPHA and first candidate collider neutrinos at FASER are only a few that generated awe at the Laboratory. CLOUD, BASE, AMS, LHCb, CMS, ATLAS, ALICE, ISOLDE and NA64 also had exciting news in store.

Watch this video and enjoy a visual journey through key moments of 2021!