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Seven local students shared their scientific projects against the clock

On Friday, 15 October 2021, seven students from Geneva and the Pays de Gex presented their high-school graduation projects as part of the cross-border scientific colloquium Partage ta science at CERN’s Globe of Science and Innovation

(Image: CERN)

Formerly known as “Mon TPE/TM en 15 minutes”, the colloquium – presented by and for young people – was renamed “Partage ta science” this year. The event format was also changed to adapt to the new French curriculum and allow students pursuing vocational training in Geneva to take part.

For this tenth consecutive edition, four high-school students from the Pays de Gex each had five minutes to make a presentation for their new oral exam – the grand oral, while three high-school students from Geneva each had 15 minutes to present their travail de maturité or travail personnel d’approfondissement.

The presentations covered a wide range of subjects, from antibiotic resistance to dark matter, via the engineer Henri Pitot and sound waves. Some particularly topical matters were also addressed, such as artificial intelligence and the mathematical modelling of an epidemic.

Cartoonist Barrigue, the founder of the magazine Vigousse and of the association CrayonSolidaires, dessiner pour tous, was once again on hand to liven up the proceedings. He entertained the audience by drawing some quirky and occasionally provocative live reactions to the presentations.

You can find videos of the presentations and photos of the evening on the event website.