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Bruce Marsh (1980 – 2023)


It is with deep sadness that we share with you the tragic loss of our much-esteemed friend and colleague, Bruce Marsh, Leader of the Lasers and Photocathodes section in the Sources, Targets and Interactions group within the Accelerator Systems department. He was an invaluable member of our group for many years, contributing to our shared endeavours with his vast expertise, knowledge, attention to detail and kindness towards the people around him.

Bruce completed his PhD at the University of Manchester, and his thesis research included work at CERN, where he later returned as a fellow in 2006 before taking up a staff position in 2010. In his different roles, Bruce contributed greatly to the development of the resonance ionisation laser ion source techniques dedicated to the production of radioisotopes for fundamental research and medicine at the ISOLDE facility. His involvement extended beyond CERN’s boundaries, influencing the global landscape of nuclear and laser physics research. Bruce’s work consistently achieved international recognition, with some results being published in the very prestigious journal Nature. He was invited to present his work at numerous international conferences, workshops and schools and was instrumental in the organisation of many such events.

Furthermore, Bruce worked closely with his team to contribute to the advancement of future accelerators and colliders at CERN, with a particular focus on CLIC, AWAKE and the Gamma Factory. His dedicated efforts thus contributed to the long-term future of the Organization.

Bruce also achieved international recognition through his role as general coordinator of the EU-funded Marie Curie training network Laser Ionisation and Spectroscopy of Actinides (LISA), comprising some 12 laboratories in Europe and several other international partners.

Bruce will be fondly remembered for his warm and welcoming spirit, always ready with a smile for everyone around him, and for his strong sense of justice. An unwavering champion of diversity in the workplace, Bruce fostered an inclusive environment where every voice was valued and every individual felt empowered to contribute with their unique perspectives. He provided invaluable opportunities for integration, learning and professional growth for his colleagues.

During these difficult times, our thoughts and sincerest condolences go out to Bruce’s family, his friends, and all those who, like us, were lucky enough to have known him.

He will be greatly missed and cherished by all of us who had the privilege to work alongside him.

His friends and colleagues



We are deeply saddened to announce the death of Mr Bruce Alan Marsh on 30 December 2023.

Bruce Alan Marsh, who was born on 10 June 1980, worked in the SY department and had been at CERN since 1 February 2003.

The Director-General has sent a message of condolence to his family on behalf of the CERN personnel.

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