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Klaus Bätzner (1936 – 2022)

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Klaus Bätzner was an enthusiastic guide. He devoted his entire career and a good part of his retirement to CERN. (Image: CERN)

It was with great sadness that we recently learned that our friend and former colleague Klaus Bätzner passed away in December 2022.

Klaus devoted his career to CERN. Among the many projects he worked on were the Proton Synchrotron (PS) and increasing the energy of the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) to 400 GeV. As a physicist and engineer, he made substantial contributions to some major projects.

On top of that, Klaus was an iconic CERN guide, who was passionate about his work, knew CERN inside out and showed people of all ages and nationalities, from all walks of life, around the Laboratory. He received special honours for the impressive number of public talks and guided tours he had given (watch part of one of Klaus’s tours here). We even had to remind him to temper his enthusiasm from time to time.

His natural kindness made it a pleasure and a privilege to work with him.

A final round of applause to you, Klaus, we shall deeply miss your friendship.

In the control room at CERN’s Super Proton Synchrotron in June 1976, as the beam reaches its design energy. Klaus Bätzner (centre, with dark t-shirt) and his colleagues celebrate with project leader John Adams (centre, with tie). (Image: CERN)
CERN event
Already in 1979, Klaus Bätzner (in the foreground) leads a guided tour (here for members of the CERN Council). (Image: CERN)

His colleagues and friends from the Visits service and CERN