Release the pressure

Graphic of part 4 of Work Well Feel Well series

Many of us would like to leave our stress behind, but we can find it difficult to let go. Perhaps we fear that by doing so, we won’t have the strength to deal with the demands of everyday life. This may well be the case when we are tired or suffering from too much stress.

Much like a pressure cooker, it can be unwise to “open the lid in one go” and relieve all the accumulated pressure without first preparing. But we can release pent-up pressure in stages, progressively. This can help to unburden us and give us more energy.

The body sends out warning signs when we have been under stress or when we hold on to an emotion at the expense of our health:

  • Shortness of breath or shallow breathing.
  • Clenched jaw.
  • Tight and dry throat.
  • Tension in the shoulders and neck.
  • Knot in the stomach or nervous tension in the solar plexus.

These warning signs can drain our energy and wear us out in the long term. Restoring our body’s equilibrium is an essential step in managing our stress. Three physical fundamentals are particularly efficient in helping to get rid of stress:

  1. Breathing, especially exhaling
  2. Body movements
  3. Vocal exercises

In a few simple gestures, our stress can give way to calm. Freeing our mind and body gives us the inner strength that we need to face up to pressures, challenges or difficulties.

Take action

As part of the “Efficiency and caring at work” campaign, the Work Well Feel Well website now offers useful resources that can be downloaded, including exercises on breathing and on discovering safety valves to help release pressure.

In addition:

This is part four of a 12-part Work Well Feel Well series, with articles published every two months.