Toutes les dernières nouvelles pour les scientifiques du CERN et de plus loin

Dernières nouvelles

ICFA on the prospects for accelerator-based particle physics

10 nov. 2017 — The International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA) discussed projects that will safeguard the future of accelerator-based particle physics

ATLAS finds evidence of ttH production

30 oct. 2017 — ATLAS finds evidence of the Higgs boson produced in association with a pair of top quarks

Accelerating News Issue 22 available

26 oct. 2017 — Issue 22 of Accelerating News is now available

Latest papers from CERN theory group

Fully differential NNLO computations with MATRIX

by Grazzini, Massimiliano
Kallweit, Stefan
Wiesemann, Marius, 20 nov. 2017

Probing the time structure of the quark-gluon plasma with top quarks

by Apolinário, Liliana
Milhano, José Guilherme
Salam, Gavin P.
Salgado, Carlos A., 11 nov. 2017

Single top-quark production with SHERPA

by Bothmann, Enrico
Krauss, Frank
Schönherr, Marek, 9 nov. 2017

Local multiboson factorization of the quark determinant

by Cè, Marco
Giusti, Leonardo
Schaefer, Stefan, 8 nov. 2017

Most cited papers

Phases of New Physics in the BAO Spectrum

by Green, Daniel, 9 nov. 2017

Scientists - physics events

In-gas laser ionisation and spectroscopy

ISOLDE Seminar, 22 nov. 2017, 14.30 — CERN, 26-1-22


TH String Theory Seminar, 28 nov. 2017, 14.00 — CERN, TH Conference Room


Collider Cross Talk, 29 nov. 2017, 10.00 — CERN, TH Conference Room

Scientists - computing events

DataFlow SuperComputing for BigData Analytics

CERN Computing Seminar, 27 nov. 2017, 11.00 — CERN, IT Amphitheatre

CS3 2018 - Workshop on Cloud Storage Synchronization and Sharing Services

HEP Computing, 29 jan. 2018, 08.00 — ACC Cyfronet Krakow

EOS Workshop

HEP Computing, 5 fév. 2018, 09.00 — CERN, IT Amphitheatre

Upcoming accelerators and technology events

WP17 coordination meeting

General, 23 nov. 2017, 10.00 — CERN, 112-R-028


Technical Coordination Committee, 23 nov. 2017, 15.30

111th HiLumi WP2 Meeting

WP2 meetings, 24 nov. 2017, 15.30 — CERN, Salle conference BE

CNRS/HL Conference call

CNRS Meetings, 29 nov. 2017, 09.00 — CERN, 112-2-032