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LHC Report: X-rays probe for cause of short circuit

27 Mar 2015 – A short circuit in a superconducting dipole magnet is delaying the beam injection in the LHC. Teams are working around the clock to fix the issue

It's Future Circular Collider week in Washington DC

23 Mar 2015 – This week delegates at the first Annual Meeting of the FCC study will discuss the status of their project to decide on a baseline for further study

A bright future for HERA physics

20 Mar 2015 – A workshop in DESY looked at what the data from HERA can still offer for experiments, now and in the future

LHCb's new analysis confirms old puzzle

20 Mar 2015 – LHCb physicists today presented their latest analysis of the rare B → K*μμ decay. The new results show deviations from Standard Model calculations

50 years of particle physics at Moriond

19 Mar 2015 – Don't miss today's webcast at 5.30pm celebrating 50 years of particle physics at the Rencontres de Moriond in Italy

CALET: A stopover at CERN before flying to space

18 Mar 2015 – The CALorimetric Electron Telescope is preparing for installation in the flight module that will bring it to its final destination on the ISS

XFELs in the study of biological structure

16 Mar 2015 – The femtosecond pulses and astonishing peak brilliance of X-ray free-electron lasers are enabling whole new classes of experiments for imaging biology

A luminous future for the LHC

13 Mar 2015 – Work continues apace for the high-luminosity upgrade for the LHC 10 years from now

Matter-antimatter trigonometry with LHCb

4 Mar 2015 – The LHCb has announced a precise measurement of the unitarity triangle angle β

CERN's strategy for neutrino physics

3 Mar 2015 – Sergio Bertolucci presents CERN's strategy for neutrino physics today at 11am. Watch the webcast

ARIEL’s first steps towards rare-isotope excellence

17 Feb 2015 – Canada’s national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics has started a new future in rare isotopes

COMPASS pinpoints polarisability of pions

10 Feb 2015 – A new result brings precision to a key measurement of strong-interaction physics

CERN openlab: Developing cutting-edge ICT systems

4 Feb 2015 – International Science Grid This Week speaks to Alberto Di Meglio as CERN openlab enters its fifth phase

CLIC prototype operational

30 Jan 2015 – The first prototype module of the Compact Linear Collider Study (CLIC) is operational in the dedicated test facility at CERN

CMS: final Run 1 results on the Higgs boson

27 Jan 2015 – The CMS collaboration recently completed the full Run 1 data analysis in each of the most important channels for the decay and production of the Higgs

RHIC’s gold record

23 Jan 2015 – For the first time a collider has brought ions of helium-3 into collision with gold nuclei

Heavy-ion collisions: where size matters

22 Jan 2015 – ALICE has used a new technique to look at the size of the final state at ‘freeze-out’ in proton-proton and proton-lead collisions

Cosmic neutrinos and more: IceCube’s first three years

18 Dec 2014 – The IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole has been collecting data on some of the most violent collisions in the universe

ISOLDE celebrates its 50th anniversary

17 Dec 2014 – ISOLDE is holding a special 50th anniversary edition of its annual workshop to celebrate the approval of the programme in 1964

ICTP: theorists in the developing world

12 Dec 2014 – ICTP director Fernando Quevedo talks to Antonella Del Rosso about the contribution that theorists make to society and why it deserves support


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