Updates for scientists

RHIC’s gold record

23 Jan 2015 – For the first time a collider has brought ions of helium-3 into collision with gold nuclei

Heavy-ion collisions: where size matters

22 Jan 2015 – ALICE has used a new technique to look at the size of the final state at ‘freeze-out’ in proton-proton and proton-lead collisions

Cosmic neutrinos and more: IceCube’s first three years

18 Dec 2014 – The IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole has been collecting data on some of the most violent collisions in the universe

ISOLDE celebrates its 50th anniversary

17 Dec 2014 – ISOLDE is holding a special 50th anniversary edition of its annual workshop to celebrate the approval of the programme in 1964

ICTP: theorists in the developing world

12 Dec 2014 – ICTP director Fernando Quevedo talks to Antonella Del Rosso about the contribution that theorists make to society and why it deserves support

Accelerating News December issue now available online

8 Dec 2014 – Issue 12 of Accelerating News, a quarterly publication for the accelerator community, is now available

Open meetings on forming LBNF collaboration

4 Dec 2014 – Two open meetings are taking place at CERN and Fermilab on forming an international Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility collaboration

ATLAS now on Scholarpedia

27 Nov 2014 – An overview of the experiment written by physicists Monica Dunford and Peter Jenni has been published on the peer-reviewed website Scholarpedia

Latest on the High Luminosity LHC project

24 Nov 2014 – More than 110 experts from all over the world gathered in Tsukuba, Japan for the 4th Joint HiLumi LHC/ LARP Annual Meeting

OpenStack boosts Tier 0 for LHC Run 2

20 Nov 2014 – The award-winning OpenStack cloud at CERN will grow from 75,000 to over 100,000 processing cores for LHC Run 2

New hub for dark-matter research on Interactions.org

18 Nov 2014 – Interactions.org now features an information hub grouping together news, experimental results and general information about dark matter

Quenching jets in hot dense matter from lead-ion collisions

18 Nov 2014 – The ATLAS measurement compared data of 2.76 TeV lead-ion collisions taken in 2011 with proton-proton data from a dedicated run of the LHC in 2013

Register now for public lecture on medical applications

13 Nov 2014 – Register for ‘Particles that fight cancer: the use of protons and carbon ion in cancer therapy’ which will take place on 20 November from 4-6pm

From CP violation to beauty

11 Nov 2014 – Reports from just a few of this summer’s conferences

Wright Science Colloquium: Revelations about the Sun

10 Nov 2014 – A series of fascinating lectures about the Sun will take place in Geneva, Switzerland from 10 to 14 November

LHCb closes in on CP violation in the Bs system

21 Oct 2014 – LHCb physicists have presented their final results from the LHC’s Run 1 for φs - the CP-violating phase in the Bs system

LS1 report: it's a hard knock life for ops

20 Oct 2014 – The SPS Operations team has been hard at work this month returning the machine to operation

ATLAS observes and measures H→WW

15 Oct 2014 – With new precision measurements of the Higgs boson, ATLAS has observed its decay to two W bosons.

Apply for 2015 Latin-American School of High-Energy Physics

10 Oct 2014 – Applications to the 2015 school, which will be held in Ibarra, Ecuador, are open until 14 November

Open Access: there is something you can do…

9 Oct 2014 – As of 2015, 95% of CERN-authored high-energy physics articles will be published Open Access in high-quality peer-reviewed journals


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