CERN was established in the aftermath of World War II to bring nations and people together for the peaceful pursuit of science: aggression and war run counter to everything that the Organization stands for.

CERN will continue to uphold its core values of scientific collaboration across borders as a driver for peace.

Standing with Ukraine

CERN condemns, in the strongest terms, the military invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation and deplores the resulting loss of life and consequent humanitarian impact.

CERN wishes to express solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues, their families and the entire Ukrainian people. Our thoughts are with everyone whose life has been disrupted by the war.

CERN Council delegations have been discussing appropriate measures that the Organization should take in response to the invasion of Ukraine. At its June 2022 meeting, the CERN Council decided to terminate the international cooperation agreements with Russia and Belarus at their expiration dates and review future cooperation with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR). The situation will continue to be monitored carefully and the Council stands ready to take any further decision in the light of developments in Ukraine. These measures follow those already adopted at an extraordinary meeting of the Council on 8 March, and at the Council’s regular meeting on 25 March.

The Council also agreed to waive the outstanding financial contribution of Ukraine to CERN for 2022, with Member States agreeing to increase their contributions to cover that of Ukraine.

CERN will continue to promote initiatives to support Ukrainian scientists and Ukrainian scientific activity in the field of high-energy physics.

Taking action

Since the invasion on 24 February, several actions have already been initiated by the Organization to support employed and associated members of personnel of Ukrainian nationality and their families:

  • CERN's Human Resources department has contacted Ukrainian members of personnel to provide them with material assistance and psychological support. Members of the CERN community can also reach out for help through existing support channels.
  • The CERN community has raised funds for the Red Cross’s operations in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. The CERN Directorate matched, from the CERN budget, donations made by the personnel. The CERN Staff Association also contributed financially to the collection. The collection closed at 5.30 p.m. on 22 March and raised a total of 820 000 Swiss francs.
  • On 16 March, CERN published "Science for Ukraine: training and work opportunities for Ukrainian nationals" on the careers website.

Initiatives of many members of the personnel are also important demonstrations of CERN solidarity and community spirit. These initiatives have been wide reaching, with a dedicated Mattermost channel (CERN login required) for people to exchange ideas, take action and offer support.

CERN’s Theoretical Physics department is showcasing initiatives from the scientific community, and the CERN Users Office also has useful information and links.