A quark is an elementary particle. According to the standard model, there are six flavors and quarks are observed to occur only in combinations of two (mesons) or three (baryons).

New ALICE results show novel phenomena in proton collisions

5 May 2017 | Update - For CERN people | Published in Nature Physics ALICE reports proton collisions sometimes present similar patterns to those observed in the collisions of heavy nuclei

How strange is the proton?

16 Feb 2017 | Update - For scientists | Katarina Anthony | ATLAS measurements show proton has more strange quarks than previously thought

CERN experiments present results at Quark Matter 2015

2 Oct 2015 | Update - For scientists | There were presentations from ALICE, CMS, ATLAS and LHCb at the international conference on ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions this week

Discovery of a new class of particles at the LHC

14 Jul 2015 | Update - For the public | The LHCb experiment has observed for the first time particles made up of five quarks

CMS and LHCb experiments reveal new rare particle decay

12 May 2015 | Update - For the public | The CMS and LHCb experiments at the LHC have observed a very rare decay. An important milestone in the search for hints of new physics

Working with quarkonium

22 Apr 2015 | Update - For scientists | Christine Sutton | The Quark Working Group highlights unsolved problems, discusses the latest data, and suggests new analyses in quarkonium physics

COSY confirms existence of six-quark states

22 Aug 2014 | Update - For scientists | Experiments have found compelling evidence for a new two-baryon state

Who invented quarks?

30 May 2014 | Opinion for CERN people | Álvaro de Rújula | The official story is demonstrably wrong, says CERN theorist Álvaro de Rújula

LHCb confirms existence of exotic hadrons

9 Apr 2014 | Update - For the public | Cian O'Luanaigh | The LHCb collaboration today published an unambiguous observation of an exotic particle that cannot be classified within the traditional quark model

Fifty years of quarks

17 Jan 2014 | Update - For the public | Cian O'Luanaigh | Fifty years ago, two physicists independently proposed the existence of the subatomic particles known as quarks


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