CERN Updates

ISOLDE peers into the world of DNA

22 Jun 2018 — Researchers at CERN’s ISOLDE facility have used an ultrasensitive variant of NMR spectroscopy to study DNA interactions

Filipino and Indian students win 2018 BL4S competition

20 Jun 2018 — The Beamline for Schools contest is open to high-school students from around the world who want to experience the life of a scientist

Exploring future medical accelerators for cancer treatment

20 Jun 2018 — This week, worldwide experts are gathering to explore future medical accelerators for treating cancer

Major work starts to boost the luminosity of the LHC

15 Jun 2018 — A ground-breaking ceremony celebrates the start of the civil-engineering work for the High-Luminosity LHC

Dive into the subatomic world at Art Basel

13 Jun 2018 — HALO, an artwork conceived during the artists’ residency at CERN and inspired by ATLAS data will be exhibited from 13 to 17 June at Art Basel.

Big data and social media

12 Jun 2018 — American Internet pioneer Vint Cerf presented “Big data and social media” at CERN

Neutron stars cast light on quark matter

7 Jun 2018 — The first observation of a neutron-star merger by the LIGO and Virgo collaborations has allowed researchers to improve the theory of quark matter

Higgs boson comes out on top

4 Jun 2018 — New results from CMS and ATLAS experiments reveal how strongly the Higgs boson interacts with the heaviest known elementary particle, the top quark

FRESCA2: a record field for an extraordinary magnet

1 Jun 2018 — The FRESCA2 magnet, which will serve as a test station for the superconductors of the future, has set a new record of 14.6 teslas

From CERN to the clinic

29 May 2018 — At a seminar at CERN today, Ron Heeren describes how CERN’s Timepix read-out chip might in the future be found in surgery rooms

World’s first crabbing of a proton beam

25 May 2018 — CERN successfully tests crab cavities, a key component of the High-Luminosity LHC

Long live the doubly charmed particle

25 May 2018 — A year after the discovery of a new doubly charmed baryon, LHCb announces the measurement of its lifetime

Samuel Ting to present latest results from AMS

24 May 2018 — At a seminar at CERN today, Nobel Prize winner Samuel Ting will deliver the latest results from the AMS experiment

OPERA presents its final results on neutrino oscillations

22 May 2018 — All data are publicly available on the CERN Open Data portal

A bumper crop of LHC results at Quark Matter 2018

18 May 2018 — The main LHC collaborations present a wealth of new results at this year’s Quark Matter conference

Using CERN technology for medical challenges

8 May 2018 — A healthcare kit for remote conditions and a screening system for anti-cancer pharmaceuticals are the winners of the first CERN Medtech:Hack

Are you up for the TrackML challenge?

7 May 2018 — Can machine learning assist high-energy physics in discovering and characterising new particles?

CERN launches a new careers website

2 May 2018 — An all-new user- and mobile-friendly CERN careers website launches today, find out more at

Honey, I shrunk the vacuum chambers!

2 May 2018 — A new technique developed at CERN will allow electron synchrotrons to operate at higher energies by reducing the diameter of the beam pipes

The 2018 data-taking run at the LHC has begun

30 Apr 2018 — The LHC operators hope to break last year’s record for total proton-proton collisions delivered to the experiments


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