CERN Updates

CERN collaborates with Japan’s NII on digital libraries

15 Oct 2018 — How we produce, share and preserve knowledge has transformed with advancements in technology and changes in publishing methods, especially in research

Nobel work shines a light on particle physics

12 Oct 2018 — Find out how the laser physics recognised by the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics opens up new perspectives in particle physics

Towards a new shared vision for particle physics in Europe

11 Oct 2018 — The CERN Council formally launched the update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics, a two-year process

Beamline for Schools: the worldwide competition is growing

8 Oct 2018 — Two high-school teams from India and the Philippines conducted their proposed experiments at CERN

CERN pays tribute to Leon Lederman

5 Oct 2018 — The Nobel laureate Leon Lederman passed away at 96 on 3 October

ISOLDE reveals shape-shifting character of Mercury isotopes

1 Oct 2018 — A team at the ISOLDE nuclear physics facility has demonstrated that the shape of mercury isotopes nuclei moves between a football and rugby ball

Global Photowalk winners announced

1 Oct 2018 — The Interactions collaboration announced the top six photographs in the ‘Global Physics Photowalk’ competition

Esplanade des Particules: CERN’s new official address

28 Sep 2018 — CERN, the État de Genève and the Ville de Meyrin today inaugurated the brand-new Esplanade des Particules

Ursula Bassler elected as next President of the CERN Council

28 Sep 2018 — The CERN Council today announced the election of Dr Ursula Bassler as its 23rd President

Spend a wonder-ful evening with scientists

28 Sep 2018 — CERN’s physicists reveal the research behind the scenes during Researchers’ Night

LHCb experiment discovers two, perhaps three, new particles

27 Sep 2018 — The LHCb collaboration has discovered two new baryons and potentially also a new tetraquark

Tune in for TEDxCERN and face the “Elephant in the Room”

20 Sep 2018 — TEDxCERN 2018 is happening in the heart of Geneva, but you can attend it from anywhere in the world

The hunt for leptoquarks is on

19 Sep 2018 — Recent results from CMS explore third-generation leptoquarks: hypothetical particles that combine the properties of leptons and quarks

First particle tracks for international neutrino experiment

18 Sep 2018 — CERN and Fermilab announce big step in Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment

The LHC prepares for the future

14 Sep 2018 — Studies on beam adjustment and new components are being conducted in preparation for future LHC runs

The Large Hadron Collider: 10 years and counting

10 Sep 2018 — Ten years ago, protons circulated CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) for the first time, marking the end of years of design and construction

The incredible lightness of the Higgs

7 Sep 2018 — ATLAS searches for vector-like top quarks that could explain the Higgs boson’s small mass

ATTRACT initiative to fund detection and imaging innovation

5 Sep 2018 — CERN and other European organisations join forces to help fund 170 breakthrough detection and imaging ideas with market potential

Hunting for dark quarks

31 Aug 2018 — A search for dark quarks conducted by the CMS collaboration inches closer to the parent particles from which they may originate

AWAKE successfully accelerates electrons

29 Aug 2018 — Proton beams from the SPS at CERN were used to generate plasma waves upon which the electrons “surfed”


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