CERN Updates

LHC pushes limits of performance

19 Aug 2016 — The LHC performance continued to surpass expectations when this week it achieved 2220 proton bunches

CERN featured as leader in Global Innovation Index

15 Aug 2016 — The Global Innovation Index 2016 report is a leading reference on innovation and uses CERN as an example of a highly successful regional initiative

Roundup of ICHEP 2016 conference

10 Aug 2016 — As the ICHEP 2016 conference draws to a close tonight, the BBC will broadcast a new show following scientists at CERN from June 2015

MoEDAL closes in on search for magnetic particle

10 Aug 2016 — The MoEDAL experiment published new data today, closing gap on where to search for the elusive magnetic monopole particle

Chicago sees floods of LHC data and new results at ICHEP

5 Aug 2016 — Particle physicists are showcasing a wealth of brand new results from LHC experiments at CERN, at the “ICHEP 2016” conference in Chicago

Explore LHC data on new ATLAS educational platform

1 Aug 2016 — The ATLAS experiment at CERN released data from 100 trillion proton-proton collisions in the LHC in 2012

The LHC takes a break before heading to new heights

28 Jul 2016 — After two months at full throttle, the LHC is taking a short break to allow various studies of its operation

First call for proposals for the SESAME light source

27 Jul 2016 — On 27 July, SESAME, the new synchrotron facility for the Middle East and neighbouring countries, announced its first call for experiment proposals

New furnace a step towards future collider development

18 Jul 2016 — A new tool for building superconducting magnet coils for High-Luminosity LHC and future particle accelerators arrives at CERN

CERN welcomes Romania as its twenty-second Member State

17 Jul 2016 — On 17 July 2016, Romania became the twenty-second Member State of CERN

Milan exhibition opens doors to particle physics enthusiasts

13 Jul 2016 — On 13 July, a new exhibition about CERN in Milan, Italy will welcome people from all corners of the globe

LHC performance reaches new highs

8 Jul 2016 — The LHC has chalked up a series of new records, providing its experiments with a torrent of new data

Want to make a splash? TEDxCERN needs you

6 Jul 2016 — This year’s TEDxCERN invites you to satisfy curious minds worldwide by hosting a webcasting event

Make your own Higgs Boson pizza

5 Jul 2016 — To celebrate the fourth birthday of the Higgs boson announcement CERN invites you to make your own particle-based pizza

New wings give ICARUS flight for second neutrino hunt

4 Jul 2016 — The ICARUS detector is being refurbished at CERN, before being sent to the US in search of sterile neutrinos

Help the Higgs find its siblings

4 Jul 2016 — A new citizen science project gives sofa-scientists the chance to search for previously undiscovered particles

LHCb unveils new particles

1 Jul 2016 — The LHCb collaboration announces the observation of four “exotic” particles from its analysis of the LHC data

First beam enters unique AWAKE experiment

17 Jun 2016 — The first ever beam has been sent through AWAKE as part of the testing and commissioning of the experiment

Happy Birthday SPS!

17 Jun 2016 — 40 years ago this week, the Super Proton Synchrotron accelerated its first particles

LHCP2016: latest results from the LHC experiments

16 Jun 2016 — The LHCP2016 conference presents new physics results on data collected in 2015 at the LHC


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