CERN Updates

CMS reaches 200th paper published with LHC collision data

12 Dec 2012 — See the interactive plot of papers published by the CMS collaboration since January 2010

Fundamental Physics Prize honours ATLAS, CMS and LHC

11 Dec 2012 — Seven leaders of the LHC, CMS and ATLAS projects will share a $3m prize for advancing knowledge of the universe

Destination Serbia: a new life for CERN's servers

5 Dec 2012 — Servers from CERN's computer centre are sent to Serbia where they will be re-used by students and researchers

Exchanging knowledge with industry on superconducting tech

4 Dec 2012 — A 2-day workshop is bringing together CERN researchers and companies developing innovative superconducting technologies

Centenary of the birth of Wim Klein, CERN's first computer

4 Dec 2012 — Before electronic computers were widely available at CERN, a Dutchman called Willem "Wim" Klein performed astonishing feats of mental arithmetic

QuarkNet physics-education programme gains global reach

3 Dec 2012 — A professional-development programme created in the US to help teachers explain particle physics has caught on across the world

ENLIGHT: Ten years on

29 Nov 2012 — The European Network for Light Ion Therapy (ENLIGHT) was founded ten years ago to build a community of professionals in the field of hadrontherapy

Google Science Fair winner visits CERN

27 Nov 2012 — Grand Prize winner Brittany Wenger visited key sites including the Antiproton Decelerator and the Computing Centre

Contributing to LHC science (transatlantic travel optional)

27 Nov 2012 — Physicists can participate in the CMS experiment round the clock from a remote operations centre at Fermilab, near Chicago in the US

Llewellyn Smith talks CERN, SESAME, and a Higgs-like boson

26 Nov 2012 — Last week, on the occasion of his 70th birthday, ex-Director-General Chris Llewellyn Smith talked to the CERN visual media service

ATLAS prepares for upgrades

22 Nov 2012 — The ATLAS collaboration is preparing a series of upgrades to their detector for the coming long shutdown of the LHC

A bouquet of options: Higgs factory ideas bloom

21 Nov 2012 — Proposals to build colliders that churn out the new Higgs-like particle are gathering momentum. But what would these colliders look like?

Seminar in honour of Chris Llewellyn Smith

20 Nov 2012 — An all-day seminar at CERN today will celebrate the career of the ex-Director-General of CERN

Clinical trials using carbon ions begin at CNAO

16 Nov 2012 — This week, for the first time at the CNAO hadrontherapy centre in Italy, a beam of carbon ions was used to treat a cancer patient

LHCb presents evidence of rare B decay

12 Nov 2012 — At the Hadron Collider Symposium in Kyoto, LHCb presented a 3.5-sigma result for a B0S particle decaying into two muons

Collider physics in Japan

12 Nov 2012 — The 23rd Hadron Collider Physics Symposium 2012 kicks off today in Kyoto, Japan

"Sound sculptor" wins artist's residency at CERN

8 Nov 2012 — The second Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN artist's residency has been awarded to American sound-artist Bill Fontana (65)

Public lecture: The International Space Station

6 Nov 2012 — Former manager of the ISS programme William Gerstenmaier will talk about the space station in the CERN Globe this evening

Public lecture: Dance and physics

6 Nov 2012 — To mark the end of his residency as CERN's artist in residence, choreographer Gilles Jobin will talk about "Collisions between dance and physics"

Public lecture: The Voyager probes

5 Nov 2012 — Edward Stone, project scientist for the Voyager probes since 1972, will talk in the CERN Globe at 8pm CEST


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