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5-8 March at CERN: 11th Inverted CERN School of Computing

5-8 March at CERN: 11th Inverted CERN School of Computing

The 11th edition of the “Inverted” CERN School of Computing (iCSC 2018) will take place at CERN from 5 to 8 March 2018 in the IT Auditorium (Room 31/3-004).

An excellent programme is planned, consisting of lectures and hands-on exercises selected from a range of proposals submitted by CSC 2017 students. You are not obliged to attend every lecture, indeed you can simply attend the lectures and exercises that interest you the most.

Attendance is free and open to everyone at CERN, and the event will be webcast for those who cannot attend in person.

Registration is not compulsory, but will allow you to enjoy coffee courtesy of the CSC, and obtain a hard copy of the booklet, which includes the lecture slides and notes (while stocks last).

Programme and registration: https://indico.cern.ch/e/iCSC-2018.

iCSC 2018 programme
This year’s programme, selected from a range of CSC 2017 student proposals, focuses on challenging and innovative topics, including:

  • Blockchain and Decentralised Consensus
  • Backend Systems
  • Complexity and Data Structures
  • Data Analysis
  • Identity Federation
  • Medical Imaging
  • Open MP
  • Parallel Programming

This year’s lecturers are:

  • Alejandro Avilés, Bity SA
  • Lennaert Bel, Nikhef
  • Plácido Fernández, CERN/University Carlos III of Madrid
  • Gabriele Gaetano Fronzé, INFN & Università di Torino/Subatech et IMT-Atlantique Nantes
  • Christian Graf, Max Planck Institute for Physics
  • Hannah Short, CERN
  • Victoria Tokareva, JINR
  • Georgios Voulgarakis, CERN

About the iCSC
The Inverted Schools of Computing (iCSC) are part of an annual series of schools organised by the CERN School of Computing (CSC). The iCSC consists of lectures presented over a few days by former CSC students, providing advanced education in specialist topics. The Inverted School provides a platform for them to share their knowledge, turning the students into teachers.

The CERN Schools of Computing
The two other Schools that make up the annual CSC series this year are:

For further information on the CERN School of Computing, see http://cern.ch/csc or e-mail computing.school@cern.ch.


Sebastian Łopieński, Director, CERN School of Computing