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ADaMS: Access control app now available for mobiles

A new phone app for ADaMS, CERN’s access control platform, is available online at https://cern.ch/adams-mobile. The app’s features allow you to check the status of your access requirements at any time – including when you’re standing in front of the access doors – and to solve potential issues right away, eliminating the need to return to your computer or call support.

For this purpose, QR codes are on display at many access points around CERN: scanning a QR code with a mobile device will open a web app detailing your personal access situation for that specific point. If you don’t meet the requirements and access is denied, the app will suggest solutions, all on a self-service basis. These solutions include rerouting to the access request page and links to Safety Training, Dosimetry, IMPACT and other services.

The app is the result of a collaboration between EN-AA (Access and Alarms) and EN-IM (Information Management), which pooled their resources to build it in under six months. Discussions and efforts are under way to develop the app further in order to, among other things, make it absorb some of functionalities of the CERN access card.