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ADaMS Mobile v2.2 is out: download the app to facilitate your access to the CERN sites

A new version of ADaMS Mobile, the CERN access management app, is currently being rolled out. Version 2.2 introduces a major change for its users: the option to generate a temporary badge to enter the CERN sites when the physical access card has been left at home (the standard procedure involves having a paper slip printed out in Building 55)[1].

The temporary badge can be generated only once over the course of one day: it contains a QR code that security guards will be able to read and validate. To create the badge, just log in to the app and choose “Generate temporary badge” in the menu.

You may keep a screenshot of the badge during the day, but please note that virtual badges should not be generated when a physical access card is lost. In this case, a visit to Building 55 is always required to file a declaration of loss/theft, and to create a new access card.

[1] In the event that an access card has been left at home, accessing the site by showing a Swiss or French legitimation card remains possible.

Screenshots of the latest version of the AdAMS mobile app (Image: CERN)