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Be seen – be safe


Want to make a bright impression on long dark winter nights? Then come and pick up your free reflector! It is small. It is neat. It comes with a metal chain so it can be attached to your clothes or bag. And it might just save your life.

When walking in the dark, it can be hard for drivers to see us. Just because we can clearly see a car approaching in the distance, it does not mean that the driver can see us. In fact, if we are not wearing something reflective, we are effectively invisible. However, if we are wearing something reflective, drivers can see us from a safe stopping distance of 125 metres.

Reflectors will be distributed outside all three main restaurants at lunchtime on Tuesday, 18 December. They will be available for purchase in the CERN Stores at a later date.

Make sure you are seen. Make sure you are safe.