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Blood donation: urgent appeal to blood donors


The summer has arrived, and the blood donation campaign in France and Switzerland has started. Until the context allows us again to organise a campaign here at CERN, we would like to inform you of the different places where you can donate blood alternatively.

In June, the numbers of blood donations was lower than expected. Therefore, The HUG Blood Transfusion Centre (CTS) initiated an urgent appeal to blood donors. Dr Sophie Waldvagol, the doctor in charge of CTS, warned that “during the first six months of the year we narrowly obtained the number of donations necessary to treat HUG patients. The situation is very tense at the beginning of summer. The vast majority of collections within companies have been cancelled and, after a year of pandemic, fewer donors are in number.”

Blood donation is an act of solidarity to save lives. We encourage you, if possible, to do it.

Who can donate blood?

  • Be between 18 and 60 years old for the new donors. Up to 75 years old for regulars donors in Switzerland and up to 70 years old for regular donors in France
  • Weigh at least 50 kg
  • Be in good health and feeling well

Donate blood in Switzerland

If you have been vaccinated in Switzerland with the Pfizer/Moderna or BioNTech vaccine, you have to wait 48 hours before donating blood. If you have been vaccinated with any other vaccine, please show on your donation day your vaccine attestation with the name of the vaccine. If you had any symptoms after your vaccine, please wait 7 days after the symptoms have gone away to donate blood.

You can answer an online questionnaire to see if you can donate blood, and the available places to do so.

Here are the next available collection spots in Switzerland:

  • HUG Centre of Blood Transfusion, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 7h30 until 15h / Thursday from 11h until 19h / 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 8h30 until 12h00.
    Make here your appointment online to donate blood
    Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 6, 1205 Genève
  • Salle des fêtes de Vernier, the 25/08 from 15h00 until 19h00
    Route de Vernier 200, 1214 Vernier

Donate blood in France

In France, you do not need to wait after your vaccination. But here are some restrictions: you cannot donate blood if you do not feel well or not in good health, if you have any symptoms of flu or loss of smell and taste in the last 2 weeks, if you had any close contact with someone infected with the coronavirus in the last 2 weeks, or if you were tested positive for the coronavirus in the last 4 weeks.

In France there is also an online questionnaire that you can answer and see where and if you are eligible to donate.

Here are the next available collection spots in France:

  • Salle du Levant, the 03/08 from 14h30 until 19h00
    Chemin de Collex, 01210 Ferney Voltaire
  • Espace Perdtemps, the 09/08 from 15h00 until 19h00
    Avenue Perdtemps, 01170 Gex
  • Salle des fêtes de Thoiry, the 16/08 from 16h00 until 19h00
    Rue des Cypres, 01710 Thoiry
  • Le Nautique, the 24/08 from 15h00 until 19h30
    282 Avenue des Alpes, 01220 Divonne les Bains
  • Maison des Associations, the 25/08 from 15h30 until 19h30
    219 Route de Peron, 01630 Peron
  • L'arande, the 26/08 from 16h00 until 19h30
    24 Grande Rue, 74160 Saint Julien en Genevois
  • Établissement Français du Sang
    Every Monday from 8h30 until 13h30 and between Tuesday until Thursday from 12h30 until 18h00
    1 Route de Taninges, 74100 Annemasse

Please note that if you have coronavirus symptoms 14 days after your blood donation, inform immediately the blood transfusion service that you went to. If you have any questions, CERN's Medical Service is at your disposal: Medical.Service@cern.ch.