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Call for volunteers for WOMAD and Roskilde festivals

Join us in our ventures to reach new audiences

CERN, in collaboration with Lancaster University and the Institute of Physics, will be returning to the WOMAD music and culture festival in the United Kingdom for a fourth year of highly successful physics outreach. This year we will also be heading out to the Roskilde Festival  in Denmark for a brand new space, based on the WOMAD concept and in collaboration with the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. 

If you are passionate about communicating your research, we would welcome you as a volunteer to be part of the CERN teams at each of these festivals. There are two ways to be involved :

  • Give a presentation on an exciting project or run a hands-on workshop for festival attendees to encourage them to discover and share in the excitement of scientific research. 
  • Be part of the team working each day welcoming the public, talking about CERN, helping in the set up and take down of the venues. 

Please note that places are limited.

We look forward to hearing from all CERN members across the Organization before 3 May 2019. Please send an email to Connie.Potter@cern.ch