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Catch a Car sharing service now has parking spaces at CERN

The car sharing-operator Catch a Car is providing two fixed parking spaces at CERN in the Globe car park.

From January 2018, a new mobility initiative will be implemented at CERN. This involves the car sharing-operator Catch a Car will provide two reserved parking spaces in the Globe car park. Use of these cars will be available for all personnel working on the CERN site for private use at preferential rates: the registration fee for CERN personnel will be 5CHF instead of 25CHF, and a 50CHF initial credit.

Catch a Car is a subsidiary of the Mobility Cooperative. It operates one of Switzerland’s first car sharing networks in Geneva and Basel. Customers locate a car online, drive from A to B, and then leave it in a public parking space within a defined zone. The service operates in Geneva and covers the most of the canton, including the city itself, the adjoining districts of Carouge, Lancy, Vernier and Chêne-Bougeries, and Cointrin Airport.

From now on, CERN's community – with about 9,000 people working on the CERN site each day – will have the opportunity to make use of this resource-saving, cost-effective alternative to the private car. In return, Catch a Car will not only provide the vehicles, it will also check that they are available and that the parking spaces are kept vacant.

To sign up to use this service and benefit from the preferential deal please register via https://www.catch-a-car.ch/ quoting the promotional code CATCHCERN.