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CERN Community: thanks for taking part in the 2023 end-of-year crossword!

See the winners and solutions below


Man (left) stood holding a lego box and woman sat holding cinema tickets
Congratulations to the three prize draw winners! André Pinho (left) won the LHC Lego set, Gabriele Thiede (not pictured) won the two CAGI Geneva Choco Passes and Veronique Lefebure (right) won the two CAGI cinema tickets. (Image: CERN)

Thank you to all who participated in the first end-of-year crossword for the CERN Community. We hope you had fun and enjoyed reflecting on the past year at the Laboratory with us.

Congratulations to André Pinho (SY-EPC), Gabriele Thiede (FAP-DHO) and Veronique Lefebure (IT-CS), who all had correct entries and were selected in the prize draw.

A special mention to Florian Rehm (BE-CSS), who in a workshop on Applied AI at CERN, used the crossword as an example of how a CERN-developed “AccGPT” could access information.

The full solutions can be found below.

crossword solutions