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CERN Open Days: still time to become a volunteer

The registration for volunteers for the CERN Open Days are extended until Friday, 6 September

CERN Open Days 2013, Point 5 - CMS: CMS Experiment
A volunteer during the CERN opendays 2013 (Image: Marzena Lapka, Achintya Rao/CERN)

We are still short of volunteers for the CERN Open Days on Sunday (especially in the afternoon).

Sign up before Friday, 6 September, and join 2700 volunteers in sharing your enthusiasm for fundamental research and its applications.

More than 150 activities will be offered to the 80 000 visitors expected on our sites.

Whether you are a member of CERN personnel, contractor’s personnel or Honorary Staff, everyone will have a role to play! Instructions and other practical information can be found on cern.ch/od2019/volunteers.