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CERN-wide inventory by the SMB department

Starting in November, a technician will be entering offices on the CERN site to gather information and take photos


As part of its role to maintain the infrastructure (cleaning, upkeep and repairs), the SMB department will be carrying out an inventory of all CERN premises, starting in November.

To this end, a technician will need to enter every room in every building to collect the necessary information and to take one or more panoramic (360°) photos.

The photos will be taken in compliance with the privacy protection rules and no faces will be visible in them. The image resolution will not be high enough, for example, for the text of a document to be legible. The photos will be posted on https://gis.cern.ch/, and access will be restricted to the personnel responsible for maintenance, safety/security and space management activities at CERN.

The occupants of each office will be informed by e-mail a few days before the technician starts work in their building and will be asked to remove any personal items that they don’t want to appear in the photos.

For more information, please contact floor.maps@cern.ch.

Thank you for your understanding.