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CERN’s Office of Data Privacy releases the third video in its “Privacy in a nutshell” series


Have you ever wondered about your role as a data subject in the world of data privacy? It's not just about regulations; it's also about your rights and responsibilities.

In our ongoing effort to make data privacy more accessible, the Office of Data Privacy (ODP) at CERN, in partnership with the Data Privacy Coordination Committee (DPCC), presents the next instalment in our “Privacy in a nutshell” video series.

This third episode explores the concept of data subjects, shedding light on what being a data subject means whilst clarifying your rights and responsibilities. Discover how CERN protects your personal data and learn what being a data subject entails.

For more resources and related information, please visit the ODP website.

Stay tuned for more informative videos as we continue our mission to make data privacy understandable and relevant to all.