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ColorRun in Cessy on Sunday, 14 May 2023 – Please observe the roadsigns

Color Run route


As part of the 2024 Terre de Jeux sporting event, the Cessy town hall is organising a ColorRun on Sunday, 14 May 2023, in aid of Monts Jura Handisports (monts-jura-handisports.fr).

The race will start in the centre of Cessy and will follow the path to LHC Point 5 and back.

Activities are planned on the car park at the entrance to Point 5. The organisers will take the necessary measures to ensure participants’ safety. 

Although every effort will be made to keep the inconvenience caused by the race to the minimum, some traffic disruption is possible. If you are working on the site on Sunday, 14 May, please drive carefully and observe the roadsigns in place.