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Electric scooters and bicycles available from CERN’s Mobility Centre


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(Image: CERN)

CERN has committed to a general policy geared towards protecting the environment and developing technologies to minimise the Laboratory’s impact on the climate and the local area.

In this framework, the Mobility Centre has launched a pilot scheme for the deployment of electric scooters and bicycles. The scheme will be operated in partnership with Urban Connect, which will provide the mobile app. To find out more, consult the terms and conditions or go to the Bike Sharing website.

The 10 scooters and 30 bicycles, which supplement the traditional bicycles already available, can be easily reserved using the Urban Connect app and can be picked up on the Meyrin and Prévessin sites. They are available free of charge for use on the CERN sites and between stations during CERN’s opening hours.

They may not be taken outside CERN, and any user going beyond the authorised perimeter will receive a notification. Each scooter and bike is equipped with IoT technology that allows it to be located and a maintenance record to be kept.

Charging stations are available at each collection point to ensure that the whole fleet is continuously operational. The necessary safety and security accessories, including helmets, antitheft devices and fluorescent jackets, are also provided.

We encourage as many of you as possible to make use of this pilot scheme and enjoy the benefits of environmentally friendly transport.

(Image: CERN)