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The IMPACT tool is evolving

Find out more about the progressive changes to this important web application used for activity coordination and associated safety aspects

IMPACT (Intervention Management Planning and Coordination Tool) is a critical web application used by a large and diverse population at CERN to manage the Organization’s permit-to-work processes, covering both safety- and coordination-related aspects. It standardises the way activities are declared across all CERN installations and its use is, in many cases, essential in order to obtain access to specific locations.

First launched in 2011, IMPACT has since become an essential tool at CERN with some 15 000 requests created every year.

Today, as some of the technologies used in the current version have reached their end-of-life, the tool’s software is being redeveloped, offering optimisations while maintaining the main functionalities that are in daily use. These crucial updates are being coordinated by the Intervention Management Steering Board, which comprises representatives from all departments and large experiments, as well as the FAP-BC and EN-IM groups. The Board is carrying out extensive consultation among all IMPACT users in order to determine their requirements.

What is changing?

While the features and the processes remain largely the same, the user interface is being completely overhauled, and the tool will be usable on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. All existing data will be migrated and visible on the new system.

As an IMPACT user, what should I be aware of?

Features are gradually being deployed: Note de Coupure, Fire Permit and IS37 are already effective and the Activity feature will follow soon, along with other safety tasks. The new features (e.g. Fire Permits) are no longer linked to EDH. The status of the approvals for these documents will only be visible on the new IMPACT interface. The Task Dashboard shows all current and past tasks (e.g. approvals).

Keep informed about upcoming changes by subscribing to the dedicated notification channel, or contact the team via the ServiceNow form if you have any questions about the updated tool.

The Intervention Management Steering Board*, Eloy Reguero Fuentes (FAP-BC) and Giovanni Chierico (EN-IM)


* Intervention Management Steering Board members: Anne-Laure Perrot (Chair) (EN), Jesper Nielsen (BE), Jean-Philippe Tock (EN), David Widegren (EN-IM GL), Martin Jaekel (EP), Olivier Prouteau (HSE), John Shade (IT), Denis Pazem (SCE), Jan Borburgh (SY), Mirko Pojer (TE).