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Join Holland@CERN 2021: connecting technology experts with Dutch companies

CERN will welcome representatives of Dutch industry on 25, 28 and 29 June 2021 in a digital format

The event, organised by CERN in collaboration with Nikhef (the National Institute of Subatomic Physics in the Netherlands), will involve a wide spectrum of Dutch companies active in areas of interest to researchers, engineers and technicians at CERN.

Anyone at CERN is welcome to attend the event.

“The objective is to develop contacts and match Dutch companies with the relevant CERN technical counterparts and procurement officers, to address the upcoming challenging requirements at CERN.” CERN Procurement Service

Consult the complete programme here: https://hollandcern.cern.b2match.io/

If you are not already considered as a CERN Contact Person for Industrial Events @ CERN and wish to make appointments with the representatives of Dutch industry, please send an email to nl-at-cern-contacts@cern.ch in order to receive an invitation.

While the global situation is not exactly the same as it was during the previous iteration, the purpose of the event remains the same: to develop the commercial relationship between CERN and leading companies in its Member States. Procurement remains a fundamental aspect of CERN’s economic impact on its Member States and, reciprocally, advancement in accelerators, detectors and computing takes shape through successful business collaborations with a variety of industries.