Knowledge Transfer seminar – “FLASH radiation therapy: From biological research to a clinical facility”

CERN’s Knowledge Transfer group would like to invite you to a KT seminar on 26 April from 4 to 5 p.m. CET: “FLASH radiation therapy: From biological research to a clinical facility”.

FLASH is a new highly promising radiation therapy modality that delivers treatment doses in sub-second timescales. A collaboration between CHUV and CERN is working towards the construction of a novel clinical facility based on CLIC technology capable of treating large, deep-seated tumours under FLASH conditions. The seminar will introduce the biological and clinical background and proceed to an introduction to the accelerator facility and status of the project.

For more information, visit the Indico page.

Knowledge transfer at CERN could not happen without the knowledge exchange between experts in science, technology and industry. The Knowledge Transfer (KT) seminars, launched in 2016, are a series of events designed to raise awareness about knowledge transfer at CERN and to showcase the diversity of applications of CERN know-how and technology in industry and the resulting positive impact on society. The seminars also aim to inspire a culture of entrepreneurship and to explore and spark interest in other KT-related topics of interest. For information about the next KT seminar, sign up to our e-group