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Management of Meeting Rooms Reservation

System modifications to answer the increase of requests on site

To INDICO users,

To meeting and conference rooms managers,

Following the recurrent problems of availability of meeting rooms highlighted by several users, the Finance and Human Resources Director (FHR) has mandated the Space Manager Forum (SMF) to study and propose improvements of the reservations management system in order to answer to the increase of needs.

After studying the statistics of meeting and conference rooms’ occupation rate all over CERN, some recommendations have been formulated by the SMF and approved by the Management. As a result, the following measures will be implemented before the end of April 2017, particularly:

  • all the meeting rooms, without any exception, shall appear in INDICO and the booking can only be done through this system ;
  • any user will be able to book or pre-book a room with no restriction; the “allowed groups” will be removed ;
  • in order to optimize the rooms’ use, a booking reminder for the future reservations will be sent to the requester and the final user of the room, to easily cancel the reservation if not necessary anymore;
  • all bookings will be limited to 1 year (except for special major events);
  • a simple and practical guide on the use of INDICO will be available on line in bookings web site ;

With this in mind, the “moderator”’s role (room manager or e-group having all the rights on the reservations) has been clarified.

For all the rooms without pre-booking, the requests are automatically accepted by the system. If a request actives a pre-booking, this shall be accepted in principle in a relatively short delay by the moderator, or managed in order to optimize the room usage. In both cases, with pre-booking or not, the moderator shall intervene in case of non-solved conflicts between the parties. Moreover, the moderator will have the rights to make the bookings that she/he judges useful following the needs of her/his service.

We are glad to inform you that significant work is being done to update INDICO by the IT Department in order to make it more user-friendly, quicker and even more effective.

For any further information, the space managers of your respective departments are at your disposal.

We appreciate your comprehension and collaboration.


Cristiana Colloca

Chairperson of the Space Management Forum (SMF)