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New access conditions for the Registration service (Building 55)


Stop and Go system in building 55
Digital “stop and go” display in front of building 55 (Image: CERN)

Although the current teleworking measures substantially reduce the number of people present on the CERN sites, many services must remain accessible to the public in order to keep the Organization running smoothly. The Registration service (Building 55) is one of the most highly frequented services during the ongoing pandemic and we must do all we can to ensure the safety of those who work there and visit the building. 

In order to control access to the various services available in Building 55 to the greatest possible extent, the following measures were introduced on 1 March:

  • Access conditions: the opening hours have been modified. People authorised to work on the CERN sites may go to Building 55 at any time during opening hours. For everyone else, Building 55 is accessible from 11 a.m. onwards.
  • A digital “stop and go” display tells visitors whether they can proceed to the desired floor immediately or must wait a few moments. This regulates the number of visitors accessing the various services and makes it easier for the required distance between people to be maintained. This visitor flow regulation system complements the measures that were already in place (provision of hydroalcoholic gel, signage, floor markings and the take-a-number system) and ensures that services can continue to be provided in the best possible conditions.

We count on each and every one of you to comply with the new access conditions in order to maintain a very high level of safety and protect the health of everyone.