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New: online registration of vehicles

Thanks to a new tool, it’s no longer necessary to go to Building 55 to register a vehicle. Simply complete an online form and scan your grey card


As part of ongoing measures to improve its services, the SMB department is pleased to announce a new tool for registering the vehicles you wish to bring onto the CERN site.

Developed by the FAP-AIS group, the new tool supplements the application introduced last year, which allows you to select the vehicles you intend to use. Now, instead of having to go to Building 55, you can simply complete the online form and submit a copy of your grey card (this copy will be destroyed within 48 hours of validation of your request). However, the possibility to register vehicles in person, on the first floor of Building 55, will still exist.

We remind you that, in accordance with Operational Circular No. 2 (Rev. 3), vehicles must be registered before being brought onto the CERN site. You can register as many vehicles as you like, but there is a restriction on the number you can activate.

For further details, consult the Questions and Answers page or visit the website of CERN’s Security Service.