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A new staff career development initiative

This month sees the launch of the programme 'Focus on Your Career: Develop Your Potential' for Staff Members

Career for Staff Members
(Image: CERN)

Holding a 'Focus conversation' with the Supervisor is an opportunity for staff members to concentrate on their longer-term development perspective, reflect on their career and review personal and professional strengths. The ultimate aim is for the staff member to have a set of realistic and achievable development goals.

Key to a successful conversation with the supervisor is the preparation. Participation in the ‘Balance’ programme by the staff member and the supervisor is a mandatory first step (2 x 1/2 day workshops). This will ensure a good understanding of the overall process and the time and personal commitment needed. 

Entering the programme is voluntary, driven by the staff member and can be initiated at any moment of the year. 

Dates and information concerning the ‘Balance’ programme are published in the CERN Learning Hub.

For staff

For supervisors

Interested to find out more? Talk to your HRA and consult the Admin e-guide for eligibility and key steps in the process.