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A new system to measure the number of people entering Restaurant 3


The SSC (Services and Supply Chain) group in the SCE department is developing new solutions to allow on-site facilities to function well despite COVID restrictions: a series of initiatives concerning the restaurants, hostels, the shipping service and shops, to name but a few, have been introduced to make sure that the standard of service provided is as close as possible to normal.

One of these initiatives – still in the pilot stage – is designed to measure the number of people entering Restaurant 3 on the Prévessin site in order to improve the flow of traffic. This innovative new system, which has been running since 15 December, allows everyone on site to check the number of seats available in the restaurant in real time and helps ensure that diners can enjoy their lunch while observing the applicable health rules.

The people counter can be checked at any time at this link (link only accessible from the CERN site).

(Image: CERN)