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News from the Mobility Centre

The SMB department is in charge of providing mobility services for the CERN community. This covers buses, shuttles, cars and bicycles.

A new pricing policy agreed on by the department heads will be implemented as of 1 July 2018, in order to: 

  • Ensure long-term sustainability, with revenue from the car rental activity financing the bicycle services, the buses and shuttles beyond the existing offer, petrol, and the overheads relating to running the Mobility Centre and workshop
  • Use the CERN car fleet more efficiently (more kilometres driven per car means fewer cars and more parking spaces)
  • Reduce our carbon footprint (by encouraging the use of bus and bicycle services)
  • Offer a very competitive service to CERN and its users (providing an alternative to external car rental companies by offering a similar service at a much lower price

This change will occur in two phases:

  • 1 July 2018: new long-term rental prices and a drop in short-term rental prices to lower fixed prices 
  • 1 September 2018: short-term rental prices further dropped, based on the rental period (awaiting implementation)

New rental rates sheet for CERN vehicles available here

The current EDH “Car Rental Request” form will be redirected to the new car rental request form. When a car rental request is submitted, the Mobility Centre will, if possible, provide a CERN car rather than an external car, in order to make better use of CERN’s resources. If a CERN car cannot be provided, the request will be forwarded to an external car rental provider (HERTZ, as of 1 July).

As far as the regular shuttle services are concerned, the connection between Meyrin and Prévessin will be improved as of 2 July, when an additional circuit (Circuit 5) will come into operation (see timetable).

This is only the beginning, as we are in the process of reviewing the regular shuttle lines in order to best meet your expectations and requirements. This work is being undertaken in collaboration with the CERN Mobility working group.

The Mobility Centre (SMB-SIS)