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Open Days for the CERN Community

One afternoon of this year’s Open Days will be reserved for CERN people as well as their families and friends

Open Days 2019 logo
(Image: CERN)


On Friday, 13 September, from 1.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m., underground visits will be reserved for anyone with an “@cern.ch” account.

Which sites can one visit?

The sites available for visits are:

  • ATLAS (point 1 of the LHC)
  • ALICE (point 2 of the LHC)
  • CMS (point 5 of the LHC)
  • LHC at point 4, with the accelerating cavities
  • LHC at point 6, with the beam dump

Who can visit?

Each eligible person (with an “@cern.ch” account) can register up to six people aged 12 or older, including themselves. To allow as many people as possible to enjoy the visits, only one visit per person is possible.

How can one register?

You must use the the visitor registration platform, which will be available from 24 June at 3.00 p. m.

Don't forget that you can also sign-up to be a volunteer! Of course, outside your slots as a volunteer, you can also attend the Open Days as regular visitors on 14 and 15 September.