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Reusables replace disposables at CERN

A “single-use” product is only used for an extremely short period of time. The design, manufacture and distribution involved consumes a huge amount of resources beforehand (since each product that is thrown away has to be manufactured again) as well as a significant amount of waste to deal with afterwards.

Moving towards reusables is another step in the right direction for the environment!

Following on from the elimination of plastic cups in the restaurants reusable cups will replace the single-use cups that are currently available next to the water dispensers.

The CERN stores supply some 600 000 single-use plastic cups every year! Initially, 40 000 of the reusable cups ordered for the Open Days will be provided free of charge at CERN’s water dispensers. After that, these reusable cups will receive a reference number for sale in the CERN stores, replacing the disposable cups currently stocked. 

Reducing plastic waste is everyone’s responsibility – thank you for helping!