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Road traffic: radar speed signs at CERN

Radar speed signs are to be installed on CERN’s roads in order to identify potentially hazardous areas and analyse driving habits


In the coming weeks, mobile radar speed signs will be installed on CERN’s roads, at points selected either on the basis of incidents that have been reported or for the purposes of a planned study of driving habits at CERN.

These devices measure the speed of approaching vehicles and display it on an illuminated panel, allowing the driver to adjust his or her speed if necessary. They do not record the vehicle’s registration number but do record other parameters, such as the date, time and speed.

This information will allow us to improve our understanding of the driving habits of people on the CERN site and to identify potentially hazardous and frequently used areas. The data will be shared with the working group on mobility and the HSE Unit’s accident group for analysis purposes.


  • The speed limit on the CERN sites is generally 50 km/h. It may be limited to 30 km/h in certain locations or specific situations (roadworks, etc.). Overtaking is also prohibited throughout the site.
  • Since 2013, 436 accidents/near misses have been declared at CERN.

Safety behind the wheel is everyone's responsibility! Let’s all try and make the CERN site safer.

Happy motoring!


You can find all this information and more by clicking on the “Security” tab of the SMB department’s website.