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TPG: disruptions buses 67 and 68 | 4 March – 20 September 2024

From 4 March until 20 September 2024, bus routes 67 and 68 will be modified in the direction of Meyrin, Gravière / Blandonnet only.

The “Saint-Genis, Mitterrand”, “Saint-Genis, Champ-Fusy” and “Saint-Genis, Hautains” stops will not be served.

The “Saint-Genis, CERN Alice” stop will not be served by the line 68.

The “Saint-Genis, Jean Monnet” stop on the line 68 will be moved to the D89A. Please go to the “Saint-Genis, Lion” stop instead.

More information on the TPG website.