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Traffic disruption expected on the route de Meyrin on 14 October due to the transportation of ATLAS detector components

The renovation of the ATLAS experiment for the HL-LHC is proceeding, with the transportation of a New Small Wheel

Taking away the old ATLAS Small Wheel (NSW) from Point 1
One of the "Small Wheels" of the ATLAS detector being transported in July 2021 (Image: CERN)

The old ATLAS "Small Wheel" was transported from the Meyrin site to LHC Point 1 on Tuesday, 12 October. Its replacement, the New Small Wheel (NSW), will make the reverse journey on Thursday, 14 October, between 8.30 and 11 a.m., in preparation for its installation in the detector in November.

This is the second and last of the NSW to make its way to the ATLAS cavern after the first one was installed this summer. These new iconic detectors are a critical part of the upgrade of the ATLAS experiment.

Given their size and the fragility of their components, these objects, measuring nearly 10 metres in diameter, are entrusted to the company Friderici for exceptional transport. The Geneva cantonal police as well as Geneva Public Transport have been informed of these operations, which will probably generate some traffic disruption on the route de Meyrin / RD984F due to the temporary stoppage of traffic at CERN’s Gate B intersection.