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Want to read an article from home? Use EzProxy!


The CERN Library provides access to many electronic books, scientific journals and other online resources to the CERN community, but most of those publications are only available from CERN IPs. With EzProxy, you can access the resources from anywhere as if you were at CERN. 

If you access those resources from CDS or the Library website, the URL is already configured with EzProxy. 

If you access the resources from another search engine, no problem, you can convert the URL manually by adding at the beginning this string: https://ezproxy.cern.ch/login?url=  

We advise you to set-up a bookmarklet or a plugin on your favorite browser, so you can convert the URL in one click. 

All the information is available on the Library website.

Of course, this works only on subscribed content, if you try to access an article with EzProxy, and it still doesn't work for you, it might be that we don't subscribe to this content. In this case, or if you have any question on EzProxy, please contact library.desk@cern.ch