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For your safety, wear reflective clothing

Switzerland’s 12th annual Day of Light is an opportunity to remind pedestrians and cyclists that wearing reflective clothing could save their lives

Switzerland’s 12th annual Day of Light will take place on 15 November. The authorities will use this opportunity to remind the public that the risk of road accidents increases as the days get shorter, particularly for pedestrians and those travelling by bicycle or scooter, because they may not be seen until it is too late.

Indeed, road users wearing dark colours can be seen only at a distance of 25 metres. Visibility increases to 40 metres for light and fluorescent colours and to 140 metres for reflective clothing and accessories, giving other road users more time to react.

The MADE VISIBLE campaign, launched by Touring Club Suisse (TCS) and the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention, aims to promote enhanced visibility on the road, notably through information about reflective clothing and accessories on the market.

So, for your safety, stock up on reflective gear!