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The second Entrepreneurship Student Programme will take place from 22 July to 23 August. Apply before 1 April


CERN Entrepreneurship Student Programme (CESP)
Photo from the 2018 edition (Image: CERN)

In late summer of 2018, the first version of the CERN Entrepreneurship Student Programme (CESP) was completed. Ten students from across the globe got the opportunity to spend five weeks at CERN, working alongside with experienced CERN knowledge transfer professionals with the aim of developing concepts for new high-tech ventures. Today, the CERN & Society Foundation is launching the second round of this popular student programme.

CESP aims to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship and nurture a new generation of high-tech entrepreneurs. The programme targets Master’s level students with a combined entrepreneurship and technological background. With coaching from experts in technology and entrepreneurship, as well as mentorship from the CERN Knowledge Transfer group, the students will receive hands-on experience in the assessment and development of high-tech start-ups. They will be guided by the motto “Explore – Evaluate – Exploit” during their residency and will be encouraged to put theory into practice, with the final goal of developing concepts for new ventures based on CERN’s expertise and technologies.

This programme has had a big impact on my future plans. Being at CERN and meeting great people has motivated me to have big dreams!

Participant of CESP 2018

Do not miss this unique opportunity! Read more about CESP and apply here

The application deadline is 1 April, 2019. 

CESP runs from 22 July to 23 August, 2019.

Video from 2018 (Video: CERN)

CESP is an Education & Outreach project within the CERN & Society Foundation, established to enhance CERN’s beneficial footprint on society. In 2019, like in 2018, CESP is made possible thanks to the generous support from Strangeworks, a US-based Quantum Computing Company founded by entrepreneur William Hurley, who is widely known as “whurley”.