CERN and ETM (Siemens) team up on Industrial Control Systems

The agreement will improve the company’s industrial control and automation systems thanks to a software enhancing its visualization capabilities

CERN and ETM (Siemens) team up on Industrial Control Systems

The human-machine interface helps visualise the measurements from industrial control and automation systems.

Day-to-day LHC operations require a large number of highly specialised control systems, one such example being the system to manage the complex LHC’s cryogenic system.

For over 15 years, CERN has been using a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system called Simatic WinCC Open Architecture (WinCC OA), which has been developed by the ETM company, a 100% owned subsidiary of Siemens AG, headquartered in Austria.

In March, CERN signed a knowledge transfer agreement with ETM, enabling ETM to give its customers access to software developed at CERN, which integrates visualization libraries necessary to the human-machine interface. The new tool will be integrated seamlessly within WinCC OA.

Customers and developers inside and outside CERN will henceforth be able to implement tailored industrial control solutions easily, with a new, richer, human-machine interface, essential for the efficient supervision of the control system.

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