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CERN’s Users’ Office celebrates its 30th anniversary

The Users’ Office, which was founded in 1989, is an essential part of CERN’s infrastructure for the more than 13 500 registered guest scientists at CERN today

Users' Office
A ceremony to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Users’ Office. From left to right: Dragoslav-Laza Lazic (ACCU Chair), Fabiola Gianotti (CERN Director-General), Manfred Krammer (head of the EP department), Michael Hauschild (head of users’ support), Gaëlle Duperrier (Users’ Office supervisor), and members of the Users’ Office team (Image: CERN)

The 1980s saw a rapid increase in the number of guest scientists working at CERN, also known as “users”, with the population more than doubling in just five years, reaching 3700 in 1985. 

In response to this considerable increase and in order to maintain the international character of science and technology at CERN, a Users’ Office was set up. It officially opened its doors on 3 July 1989, becoming the gateway for guest scientists at CERN, namely users, cooperation associates and visiting scientists. 

Today, around 3000 new arrivals register at the Users’ Office every year. They go there to sign their contract and collect their residence permit, if they need one, as well as to benefit from the valuable advice of the Users’ Office team. More than 13 500 users are currently registered at CERN, three times more than thirty years ago.