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CMS honours its 2022 Award and PhD Thesis Award winners



(Image: CMS)

CMS PhD Thesis Award winners 2022

Every year, the CMS collaboration recognises the outstanding achievements of young scientists through this award, highlighting the exceptional contributions made by doctoral researchers in advancing the field of high-energy physics.

From the 32 nominations received this year, three winners were selected by the committee: Angira Rastogi, Willem Verbeke and David Walter.

The 32 nominees for this award had to defend their theses between 1 November 2021 and 31 October 2022. Theses covering various aspects of CMS-related work, including physics analysis, simulation, computing, detector development and engineering, were eligible for nomination. The CMS Thesis Award Committee, consisting of 30 scientists, evaluated the theses based on their content, originality and clarity of writing.

Read more on the CMS collaboration’s website.

CMS award winners 2022 (Image: CERN)

CMS Award 2022

Every year, the CMS Award Committee honours some of the CMS collaboration’s members for their outstanding work and dedication to the CMS subdetectors. Nominations can be made by any CMS member, for work in a variety of fields, ranging from detector systems and coordination to outreach.

Two special prizes were awarded in 2022, one in memory of Meenakshi Narain and one to the ECAL team that repaired the leak in the ECAL endcaps. In total, sixty awardees were recognised for their remarkable contribution in 2022.

For more information and to consult the list of awardees, visit the CMS collaboration’s website.