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Five-Yearly Review: what next?

After several months of concertation, the Management presented its proposal for the Five-Yearly Review for financial and social conditions to the CERN Council

Last week, in the context of the 5-Yearly Review (5YR), the CERN Management presented to the CERN Council its proposal identifying the financial and social conditions to be reviewed for staff members, fellows and associated members of the personnel. This proposal is the result of several months of concertation with the Staff Association during many CCP (Comité de Concertation Permanent) meetings, and discussed subsequently at TREF (the Tripartite Employment Conditions Forum) with representatives of the Member States. Contrary to the previous 5YR in which a number of ‘optional elements’ were included in the process, this exercise will focus primarily on the mandatory elements. Nevertheless, in a continuing effort to follow societal developments and improve diversity across the CERN population, in particular in respect of gender, as well as of under-represented Member and Associate Member States, and to foster retention post-recruitment, the Management proposed to carry out a benchmarking exercise with other organisations to ensure CERN remains at the leading edge in terms of employment conditions.

In preparation for this key milestone in the 5YR’s lifecycle, intensive efforts have been underway since 01 January 2020 to collect, review and analyse a huge amount of data to produce the main reports. So what happens next? The work will continue in earnest to collect the relevant data from local and international markets for the Staff salary comparative analysis, and with ESA, ESO, EMBL, the EC and DESY for the Fellows stipends comparative analysis. The findings will then be reported and discussed at CCP, followed by presentations to TREF in October 2020, March 2021 and May 2021. The projected completion date of the 5-Yearly Review is the Council meeting in December 2021.

Further details of the 5-Yearly Review 2021, content, timescales and updates can be found on https://hr.web.cern.ch/5yr-2021.