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Keep up to date with data protection at CERN via the Privacy Corner


CERN marked Data Protection Day with ESA and ESO
(Image: CERN)

Ever since the Office of Data Privacy (ODP) was established by Operational Circular No. 11, it has been involved in all aspects of data protection at CERN, from responding to data subjects’ requests to promoting “privacy by design” by integrating privacy solutions in the early phases of projects. The ODP also organises events to mark Data Protection Day. “There’s never a dull moment in the ODP team,” says CERN Data Privacy Adviser Gabriele Thiede.

A series of short articles proposed to you by Costanza Pollini, the team’s newest recruit, will be published in the near future at the Privacy Corner to raise awareness about data privacy at CERN, as well as offering some insight into how it is implemented.

In the meantime, you can find a recent article on the ODP website that introduces Costanza and tackles the various approaches to data privacy, CERN’s data protection framework and the importance of enhancing awareness within the CERN community. Training plays a key part in developing collective awareness, hence the launch of a CERN training programme on data privacy, which has already attracted more than 750 participants.